Frozen Food are certainly not a foreign sight for people living in the covid – 19 world. Frozen Food serves as the more practical option for many consumers around the world that leads to new emerging millionaires out of the industry. The demand for Frozen Food are skyrocketing and it may be the best time for you to start your frozen food business. There are many kinds of frozen food such as cireng, siomay, otak-otak, sayuran beku, and even yoghurt.

In terms of the growth of the industry, the frozen food industry’s future looks very bright. Warta Ekonomi reported that desserts to appetizers are rising in popularity and are seeing growing trends in the world market and Asia Pacific (APAC). Studies and industry reports shows that frozen food market APAC are predicted to reach $57,02 billion in 2018 and projected to reach $83,46 billion in 2023. Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) 7,92 percent in the 5 year period 2018 to 2023. The government are also giving their support to small businesses which also includes Frozen Foods. You can check out the government sponsored training in on how to start up your own small business.

The frozen food industry is one of the businesses that are thriving in the current covid 19 world. In the current covid 19 situation, frozen food business are gaining double of what they usually get. According to, Dapurmakaro (frozen food producer) gained twice the profits than they usually get. Many people that works from home or families that are isolating themselves at home feels that frozen food is the right choice. Frozen food only need to be heated to be ready to consume without the fuss cooking a meal from scratch requires.

One difficulty that Dapurmakao is experiencing amidst this pandemic is the low supply of raw materials. Dapurmakao will buy and stock up a huge amount when the raw materials can be procured. This is when cold storages came in play to the system. The massive amount of raw materials that these frozen food producers are stocking up needs an equally enormous amount of storage space. Di other countries the use of cold storage or cold room is already common for small businesses. Cold storages are even used in food stalls or even fresh produce stalls in wet markets in order to protect the perishable food from going bad for a long time.