Recently fish and other marine commodities have been gaining a lot of attention from the national government. Through the National Ministry of Fishery and Fishery RI a variety of plans to expand the industry are already in motion. Starting from area mapping, distribution paths, strengthening exports, and constructing supporting facilities.

Indonesia’s Eastern Region can yield a high amount of marine commodities.

However, middle to large-sized mass fish processing facilities is more concentrated in Java.

And for that, the distribution path becomes the center of attention, whether it is a distribution path from the air or marine. The Indonesian national ministry of marine commodity and fishery designed 3 logistical management points for corridor based marine commodities and fishery. Production Centre (PP), the location where fish are caught and gathered. Collecting Centre (CC), fishing ports as a collecting center for marine commodities. And third, Distribution Centre (DC) with the assistance of cold chain (cold room, cold storage, freezer, and other facilities) marine commodities can arrive to the industry and consumers. Cold storages are also essential for PP and CC.

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