The National Fishery Logistic System or Sistem Logistik Ikan Nasional (SLIN) is a  program that is designed to increase the capacity and stability of the production system, distribution and expands the national fishery market. Cold rooms and cold storages have become the main focus of this program because of its close relation with cold chains. Fish and other produce from the sea needs to be stored in low temperatures in order to maintain the quality of the product, from the sea to consumers.

Laurenzia Bianca the Junior Consultant – supply chain Indonesia said in an article, that the characteristic of perishable goods, the remoteness, and the season are the problems of SLIN in Indonesia. And because of that, an integrated cold chain structure and system is required. The fish commodity that is handled frozen, whether it is for storage or distribution can maintain the quality of the product and increase its shelf life.

Quoting the explanation of T.M Simatupang in the Fishery Cold Chain Structure and System in terms of the National Fishery Logistic System, there are four critical steps we need to be extra careful in a cold chain system when handling frozen sea produce.

  • Handling of fresh produce from the sea.
  • Storage and process when arriving on land.
  • Handling of produce when transported to a location.
  • Handling of Produce when unloading and loading of distribution to consumers.

Currently, there are problems in each step in maintaining the quality of the product. The lack of available cold storage / cold room when gathering and storing. The problem of available vehicles to transport and distribute that are able to maintain the required temperature. And the lack of knowledge of the cold chain system in the selling phase. The lack of knowledge and understanding the consumers have towards the quality of sea produce can pose a risk to the health of the community. And because of that, the role that the cold room plays and the public awareness of cold chain systems are crucial for SLIN to succeed.

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